Monster Notebook

Monster Notebook presents its high-performance portable computers and player accessories to its users with a brand new campaign. The campaign launched for the back-to-school period includes unprecedented discount opportunities, surpassing all the big campaigns Monster Notebook has made so far. trellising net
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As part of the Back to School Campaign applicable to all Monster Notebook products; Laptops specially developed for gamers of all levels, professionals who do not give up high performance in business life, students studying in departments such as architecture, engineering and graphic design, and visual content producers are offered at very special prices.

The biggest discount opportunities in Monster Notebook history are available on all Monster Notebooks, Aryond series monitors and Pusat series player accessories including equipment such as headphones, mice, keyboards, cameras, microphones, within the scope of the campaign, which is valid for purchases made from the Monster Notebook website and stores.

The Back to School Campaign, which covers dozens of different Monster Notebook models, from thin and light laptops needed for daily use with their customizable options, to laptops that rule out desktop devices with their design and high-performance hardware configurations, started as of August 19th.


What to consider before buying keyboard

A gaming keyboard consists of two parts: a set of keys that are pressed in sequence by the user, and an encoder that identifies each key pressed and generates a code that uniquely identifies that key. The key set includes the standard alphanumeric keys from older typewriters and additional keys, such as cursor keys, navigation and function keys, Apple or Windows keys, and a numeric keypad. Discord servers
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The encoder is a microprocessor located in the gaming keyboard that detects each key as it is pressed and released. To do this, the encoder maintains a set of signals in a grid of intersecting rows and columns. When the user presses a key, a connection is established in the network. If, for example, the connection is in the first row and in the third column, the encoder immediately identifies the key pressed and sends a special signal to the PC, called a “scan code”. The PC translates the scan code into the appropriate binary code and displays the character on the monitor so that the user can verify that the correct key has been pressed.

Gaming keyboard lights (for caps, numbers, scrolling, etc.) are controlled from the PC, not the gaming keyboard. For example, when the user presses the Caps Lock key, the keyboard encoder sends the Caps Lock key code to the PC; and the PC turned on the light of the gamer keyboard.

An accessory that incorporates the term game in its name is any product whose internal components and functionality are dedicated to provide certain functions to users, in order to enhance and facilitate their gaming experience. Of course, it is not. only to have an aggressive and whimsical design, or to incorporate LED backlighting. These devices have specific functions, a software configuration and a specific set of keys, which allow the user to adapt them according to their own preferences.


SSL certificate

Due to improving technological products, safety had been problem as well. SSL Certificate is a type of certificate that every institution and person with a website should use today. Thanks to SSL certificates, institutions and companies with internet and e-commerce sites can protect the personal data of the people who visit their sites, as well as protect the credit card information of customers who shop on e-commerce sites with their credit cards.

In this article called What is SSL Certificate and What It Does, we will share a lot of information about SSL Certificates. You can get more information about SSL Certificates by reading this article and increase your customer security by obtaining these certificates for your e-commerce site.

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate, which is the abbreviation of the term Secure Socekts Layer, is a type of certificate used to protect the information shared with your company in the form of membership by people who are members of your e-commerce or website. In addition, it increases the security of your e-commerce site by protecting the credit card information of people who shop with a credit card from your e-commerce site. You also can find the best SSL services here.